The Missouri Disease Reporting Online Portal (MODROP) serves as a method to report COVID-19 test results for submitters not yet onboarded to HL7 or CSV reporting for COVID-19. This tool replaces paper CD-1 reporting to DHSS.

NOTE: MODROP is not compliant with electronic case reporting (eCR) under the CMS Promoting Interoperability Program. Missouri uses the HL7 electronic initial case report (eICR) standards (R1.1 and R3.1) for eCR. These standards will eventually eliminate reporting requirements through MODROP and paper. In order to be eligible for the CMS Promoting Interoperability Program eCR measure, providers are required to make use of the APHL AIMS platform and the Reportable Condition Knowledge Management System (RCKMS) for automated case reporting from an electronic heath record (EHR) system.

  • This system is intended for use by medical providers and other state required reporting entities. Missourians not representing one of these entities should contact their local county health department if they have questions or concerns about reporting a COVID-19 case.
  • MODROP requires a log-in and password. New users must register for an account the first time the system is used by clicking the Register New User button in the upper right portion of the MODROP welcome screen.
  • MODROP requires entry of laboratory (testing) information. Submitters who need to send information on a COVID-19 case that did not involve testing must submit a CD-1 form. Links to CD-1 forms in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats are available here.
  • MODROP allows reporting of only COVID-19 cases. Reports of other reportable conditions may be faxed to 573-751-6417 unless a submitter has already worked with the Department to establish another method of reporting. The Department is not currently onboarding submitters to electronic reporting for any condition other COVID-19.   

Reporting COVID-19 Cases

  • Organizations performing their own COVID-19 testing must report positive results to DHSS unless they are reporting lab tests via the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) or the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Informatics Messaging Services (AIMS) Platform.
  • Submitters preferring to send COVID-19 testing records in bulk via HL7 or CSV instead of using MODROP should contact the EpiTrax Help Desk at in order to be onboarded for bulk reporting. The EpiTrax Help Desk e-mail account is monitored from 8AM-5PM CST Monday-Friday.
  • All entities ordering COVID-19 tests from an external laboratory should enter positive case information into MODROP.


  • The recommended browser for use of MODROP is Google Chrome.
  • Questions from state required reporting entities regarding the use of MODROP or any issues with using the portal may e-mail the EpiTrax Help Desk at for assistance. The EpiTrax Help Desk e-mail account is monitored from 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday.
  • MODROP may be accessed directly at or by clicking on the button below.
MODROP Missouri Disease Reporting Online Portal


Contact (monitored 8AM-5PM CST Monday-Friday)