Clinical Topics A-Z

Clinical samples are obtained from the human body.  Examples include blood, stool, and cultures from human source.  Examples of clinical topics found in this A-Z listing include seasonal influenza, salmonella, HIV, tuberculosis, etc.

Newborn Screening Topics A-Z

Newborn Screening samples are obtained from all newborns born in Missouri per state law.  Examples of newborn screening topics found in this A-Z listing include cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, hypothyroidism, amino acid disorders, fatty acid disorders, etc.

Environmental Topics A-Z

Environmental samples are obtained from sources such as food, water, paint samples, surface wipes, soils, etc.  Examples of environmental topics found in this A-Z listing include private drinking water, public drinking water, food testing, lead in paints and soils, etc.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Topics A-Z

Topics include general information on public health threats and emergencies, preparations for biological, chemical and radiological events, and response activities between various internal and external partners. Also included are training activities and information on the Missouri Laboratory Response Network.