Brief Description

Food - Radiological analysis of food samples may be conducted in circumstances where public health is threatened. Samples are not accepted from the general public. All radiological samples must be submitted with approval from the MSPHL.

Atmospheric Monitoring - The MSPHL participates in EPA programs to develop and maintain capabilities to conduct routine and emergency surveillance of the atmosphere for radiological contaminants.

Laboratory Unit



Gamma Spectrometry

Alpha/Beta Screen

Specimen Requirements for Submission

All radiological samples must be initiated and submitted with approval from the MSPHL.

All samples are pre-screened with survey meter to estimate radiological hazard.

Samples must not register on survey meter above 20,000 CPM (e.g. 2 MR/hr, 2 mrem/hr, or 0.01 mSv/hr). This is the laboratory’s acceptable radioactive level. All samples registering above 20,000 CPM will not be accepted and not enter the MSPHL building.

Samples must be packaged in such a way as to eliminate exposure risk of contents to any handlers. All packages must be sealed, labeled, and accompanied with appropriate paper work.

Specimen Collection

Contact us for all radiological laboratory testing inquiries.

Samples must be submitted by an Environmental Public Health Specialist or Environmental Specialist employed by a Public Health Agency for analysis. For a listing of local public health agencies online go to the LPHA website.

Specimen collection supplies must be obtained from the MSPHL after approval for collection has been granted.


Shipping procedures are available by contacting the MSPHL..

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Unacceptable Conditions

Quantity Not Sufficient.

Interfering Substances


Result Reported

One week.



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