Brief Description

Mumps Isolation
Mumps PCR

Laboratory Unit



Virus Isolation and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Specimen Collection

Virus Isolation Kit

Before collecting and shipping specimens for Mumps testing testing, please call DHSS at 800/392-0272 (24/7). Note that before any specimen is sent for testing, DHSS staff must first be consulted. After consultation and determination that the patient meets the criteria for testing, you can contact the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory (MSPHL) at 573/751-3334 or 800/392-0272 if you have questions regarding collection and shipping prior to collecting the specimens. This will help ensure that proper specimens are obtained in the right quantity, and that they are packed and transported properly.


Refrigerated/freeze packs

Acceptable Specimen Type(s)

Buccal Swab

Mumps Testing

Test Request Form(s)

Possible Results

Virus Isolation: Mumps Virus Isolated, No Virus Isolated, Other Virus Isolated
PCR: Mumps Virus Detected, Mumps Virus Not Detected, Inderterminate

Unacceptable Conditions

Specimen received warm
Improper specimen type
No name on tube
Quantity not sufficient

Interfering Substances

Patients that have received one or more doses of the MMR vaccine may demonstrate an IgM response that is missing, delayed, or transient.

Result Reported

Varies by testing performed



CPT Codes




Additional Information

Mumps serology specimens are referred to the CDC.