Brief Description

Dairy chill (sweet, glycol)) water test that detects total coliform and E. coli bacteria using single tube fermentation technology.

Laboratory Unit

Environmental Bacteriology


Standard Method 9221B single tube fermentation method, using lauryl tryptose broth and brilliant green bile lactose broth for coliform detection; and EC broth with MUG for E. coli detection.

Specimen Collection

Click here for sampling instructions. Use the Official Private Water Sample Form. Minimum volume 100 ml. Sample must be collected by an official of a state or local health agency or the State Milk Board.


Ship to SPHL immediately. Must be received in lab within 30 hours of sampling. Temperature control sample is required if more than 6 hours between sample collection and receipt at laboratory. Samples must be maintained at temperature of 0 - 4.4 degrees C. May be stored in refrigerator conditions temporarily prior to shipping. Use of a cooler and ice packs in the field is recommended. Samples should be shipped with solid-type freeze packs (no wet ice).

Acceptable Specimen Type(s)

Chill (sweet, glycol) waters from dairy farms and milk processors.

Test Request Form(s)

Use the Official Private Water Sample Form LAB 10G.

Possible Results

Total Coliform and E. coli "Present: >1/100 ml" or "Absent: <1/100 ml".

Unacceptable Conditions

Transit time exceeded
No date/time collected
No sample identification
Sample form incomplete
Quantity not sufficient (100 ml)
Sample leaked in transit
Sample frozen
Presence of disinfectant
Unapproved container
Transit temperature exceeded
No temperature control sample

Interfering Substances


Result Reported

Results are reported to the submitter within 5 days of sample receipt in lab.


There is no charge for chill water samples submitted by state and local health officials, or the State Milk Board.

CPT Codes




Additional Information

Chill water samples must be submitted by an official of a local or state health agency, or the State Milk Board. Use the Official Private Water Sample Form.