Barbara Zillner has served as a volunteer ombudsman since 2015, visiting residents at Lakeview Suites and Lincoln Community Care Center.  Originally from Kansas, she and her husband of 30 years, Vince, retired to Warsaw, MO in 2013.  Following a career in dental hygiene and office management, she completed her bachelors of science in the field and became an insurance recruiter and trainer. First connected to Care Connection for Aging Services, Barb indicated that she sought a variety of opportunities from Harbor Village Senior Center in Warsaw and participated in several activities and volunteer opportunities.  It was there she was first introduced to the Ombudsman Program and learned of the chance to impact the lives of those in long-term care.  She enjoyed getting trained as a volunteer ombudsman as she and her husband can work together to make a difference for the residents they see.  If you ask Vince, he says it’s a natural fit as he is certain she has “talk to me” written on her forehead!  Barb feels she benefits most from the visits with her residents as she thinks it is important that they know others care about their well-being.  She has seen firsthand the impacts she has made, just by listening to resident concerns and enjoys seeing their smiles and eyes light up during visits.  While COVID-19 has hampered her ability to visit in person, Barb has still checked in with the homes she serves and participated in efforts such as sending cards to residents.  She is looking forward to returning to advocate for the residents she grown so fond of throughout the years. As a lifelong Kansan, we’re so glad that retirement brought Barb and Vince to Missouri!