September 16, 2021

$6.8 million from state’s medical marijuana program transferred to veterans fund

Media Contact:
Lisa Cox, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has made the second transfer of funds from Missouri’s medical marijuana program to the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC). The total amount transferred is $6,843,310. 

Missourians voted in November 2018 to adopt Constitutional Amendment 2, known now as Article XIV. The amendment includes a provision requiring that fees and taxes generated by the medical marijuana program, less operational expenses, be transferred to the MVC for health and care services for military veterans. Article XIV states that medical marijuana sold in licensed dispensaries will be taxed at a rate of 4%. Since dispensary sales began in October 2020, more than $113 million in sales have occurred. 

“Patients are being served by more than 140 dispensary facilities in Missouri now, and we are very pleased to see their sales revenue where it is,” said Lyndall Fraker, Director of the Section of Medical Marijuana Regulation with DHSS. “Ultimately, this is how we are able to provide much-needed funding for the veteran’s commission.”

"MVC will use these funds for veterans' health and safety initiatives designated in House Bill 8," said Paul Kirchhoff, Missouri Veterans Commission Executive Director. "A portion of these funds will also be used to complete the Missouri Veterans Cemetery – Jacksonville columbarium wall."

The first transfer of funds occurred in September 2020 and totaled $2,135,510.

To monitor the continued progress of the licensed facilities, visit the Facility Data and Reports webpage.



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