June 13, 2019

Missouri DHSS submits Planned Parenthood's St. Louis facility Statement of Deficiencies to Circuit Court

Planned Parenthood's non-cooperative investigation reveals deviation from standard care and concern about quality control

JEFFERSON CITY, MO -- The 22nd Circuit Court of St. Louis has ordered the Missouri DHSS of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to issue a decision on the renewal of Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood's license by no later than June 21, 2019. As the agency responsible for regulating the abortion facility, DHSS has submitted Planned Parenthood's Statement of Deficiencies to the Court and a motion to reconsider, and will now await an acceptable Plan of Correction from the facility.

The DHSS's investigation is reviewing incidents with significant medical evidence which point to troubling instances and deviations from the standard care, resulting in serious patient harm. Five physicians who have performed and (in three cases) continue to perform abortions at RHS's facility have refused to cooperate in our investigation, and they have declined to participate in interviews with the DHSS's investigators. RHS's non-cooperation is unprecedented.

Due to this ongoing non-cooperation, DHSS has shared with the Court the Statement of Deficiencies and is concerned by the refusal of physicians to provide explanations for the deeply troubling instances of patient care and conduct under investigation.

In the Court filings, DHSS highlighted several of the most serious deficiencies as raising particular concerns and insists that any Plan of Correction must clearly and specifically address these deficiencies with a remedial plan that is feasible and readily implemented.

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