January 12, 2012

Department of Agriculture Expands Recall of Meat from Lafayette County Business

For Immediate Release: January 12, 2012
Media Contact: Christine Tew, Christine.Tew@mda.mo.gov, (573) 751-5617

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) - Last week's meat recall at Alma, Mo. based Alma Meats has been expanded to include an additional product as a result of Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service's ongoing investigation. The business is recalling an additional 137 pounds of cooked meat and has withdrawn from the state inspection program.

The expanded recall includes 137.22 pounds of Cooked Head Sausage. The recalled product was produced Sept. 15, 2011 and labeled Lot # 1085211.

As part of the ongoing investigation, officials uncovered records indicating that the cooked head sausage may not have been properly cooled to ensure food safety during processing. The product was distributed locally within Lafayette County and two to retail outlets, 4-K Cheese and Meat in Cole Camp, Mo. and The Cheese Store in Sweet Springs, Mo.

Alma Meats withdrew from the state inspection program Jan. 5, 2012, indicating that they would no longer be processing meat under inspection for retail or wholesale distribution. Withdrawing from the inspection program does not affect the business' ability to continue performing custom exempt processing for livestock owners.

On Jan. 4, 2012, members of the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program uncovered records indicating that the business sold meat to consumers that had been improperly handled and was not inspected. As a result, cooked-meat processing for retail and wholesale Alma Meats in Alma, Mo. was halted and the Lafayette County meat processor recalled approximately 320 pounds of meat, including summer sausage, snack sticks, beef jerky and roast pork.

Individuals who have conducted business with Alma Meats as well as those who purchased Alma Farm Fresh Meats-labeled products should carefully examine all items processed by the facility. Individuals should return any unused portion to the business at 100 North County Road in Alma.

Anyone concerned about an illness should contact their health care provider.

For more information regarding the Missouri Department of Agriculture and its programs, visit http://mda.mo.gov.

Note: A photo of the product label is available online via the Department's blog or by contacting Christine Tew at Christine.Tew@mda.mo.gov.