April 05, 2024

DHSS, Division of Cannabis Regulation announces upcoming listening session for cannabis research license


Media Contact:
Lisa Cox
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Article XIV § 2.4(1)(G)B allows for the provision of licenses intended to facilitate scientific research or education. In accordance with this authority, the Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is taking a proactive step towards advancing cannabis research by hosting a listening session aimed at engaging the following stakeholders on this issue:

  • Universities
  • Clinical research entities and laboratories
  • Research and Schedule 1 laboratories
  • Research scientists, doctors, and educators

This session will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to share their expertise and provide testimony on various key topics of cannabis research and licensing within the state.

Key topics for the listening session include:

Significance of Cannabis Research in Missouri:

  • Discuss the potential cannabis research holds for the state of Missouri and explore potential benefits, obstacles, and prospective research topics that offer opportunities for medical breakthroughs, economic growth, and scientific innovation.

Research License vs. Educational License:

  • Provide insights into the distinction between a research license and education license, and the specific requirements, privileges, and operating restrictions associated with each type of license.

Considerations for Creating Rules and Regulations:

  • Provide perspective on the key considerations in developing rules and regulations for cannabis research licenses. Considerations may include the type of research permitted, ethical guidelines, patient confidentiality, limited licensing, and safety protocols.

Challenges in Cannabis Research:

  • Provide insight on the unique challenges of cannabis research. Considerations may include funding, federal regulations, and barriers to entry.

DCR encourages all interested parties with expertise in cannabis research to prepare testimony on any key topic area(s) and participate in this important listening session. For those who wish to attend, please register here: Cannabis Research License Listening Session Registration

For interested parties who are unable to attend this listening session, DCR has provided a link here so that testimonies can be provided. Please contribute testimonies no later than the date of this listening session by clicking on this link: Cannabis Research License Testimonial Submission

For questions regarding the research license listening session, please reach out to: cannabisdevelopment@health.mo.gov

April 16, 2024
4-6 p.m.
Governor Office Ballroom
200 Madison St, Room 450
Jefferson City, MO 65101



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