December 14, 2021

Missouri Milestone: One year of COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the state


For Immediate Release:
Dec. 14, 2021 

Media Contact:
Lisa Cox, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Today marks one full year of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines being administered in Missouri. Since then, nearly 7.8 million doses have been administered in the state with more than 61% of all Missourians receiving at least their first dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine series based on CDC data, while 52% of Missourians have completed their vaccinations.

The state of Missouri is still making progress in vaccine initiation, with the most recent 7-day total showing 163,417 doses administered based on Missouri data. By population group, people ages 75-84 are leading the way with nearly 95% initiating vaccination and more than 86% completing their series. Youth in the 5-11 age group have recently been the most active group initiating their vaccinations.

Breakdown by age group (based on Missouri data):

Population Group Initiating Vaccine Series Completing Vaccine Series
65+ years 92.7% 84.4%
18+ years 70.6% 63.1%
5+ years 63.3% 56.0%

“Thousands of vaccinators in Missouri have worked tirelessly throughout the state to vaccinate residents, remove barriers to access and help us share accurate information about the vaccines,” said Donald Kauerauf, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. “Without our healthcare heroes, this would not have been possible. We will never know how many lives these efforts have saved. Vaccinations, in addition to other preventative measures, including wearing a mask, social distancing, ongoing testing, and regularly washing your hands, continue to be the best tools available to prevent infection. It is also important for individuals to get their booster to ensure a consistent level of protection from COVID-19.”

Through supply challenges, coordination of mass vaccination and targeted vaccination events, creation of a centralized fact-based website, staffing shortages and launching vaccine registration and incentive programs, it was a busy and taxing year for public health professionals and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Today, vaccine supply continues to be ample, services remain available to those with healthcare access challenges, and more individuals continue to become eligible for vaccination as ongoing research shows the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Video file of Director Kauerauf celebrating the one year milestone