What is ShowMeVax?

familyShowMeVax is a confidential, computerized system that collects immunization records and helps ensure correct and timely immunizations. The immunization information is available to authorized users, such as health care providers, child care facilities, and schools who work together to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases.

How ShowMeVax works

  • Health care providers record immunizations that they have given in ShowMeVax.
  • All of the immunizations given to an individual are entered into that person’s record.
  • When an individual visits a different clinic, that clinic can view the immunizations given anywhere in the state.
  • ShowMeVax provides an official immunization record for any program that requires proof of vaccination history.
  • Health care providers, schools, and child care facilities can search ShowMeVax to determine what vaccines an individual has received.
  • Health care provider participation in ShowMeVax is voluntary, so if an individual receives an immunization from a health care provider that does not use ShowMeVax, those immunizations will not be recorded in the application.

Benefits of ShowMeVax

  • Provides a system that can maintain immunization records from many different health care providers.
  • Helps prevent children, adolescents and adults from receiving vaccines they have already received.
  • Gives health care providers, schools and child care facilities quick, easy access to immunization records.

How do I request a copy of a ShowMeVax immunization record?

ShowMeVax records can be obtained through a participating health care provider or by contacting your Local Public Health Agency. Alternatively, you may complete an immunization record request form and submit it to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Immunization Assessment and Assurance via fax at 573.526.0238. For questions call 800.219.3224 or 573.751.6124.