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heart disease and stroke

Each year, heart disease accounts for more than 15,000 deaths in Missouri making it the leading cause of death in the state. The term heart disease includes several more specific heart conditions. The most common heart disease in the U.S. is coronary heart which occurs when the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart, become hardened and narrowed due to buildup of plaque. Plaque may also rupture and cause blood clots that block arteries. Coronary heart disease can lead to a heart attack.

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the major risk factors for heart disease – the number-one killer in Missouri. High blood pressure is also the number one risk factor for stroke – the third most common cause of death nationwide and the leading cause of disability in the state.

It is estimated that one in three adults has high blood pressure, but many do not know they have it. High blood pressure is sometimes called a “silent killer” because it usually has no symptoms until serious problems develop. However, the condition is easily detected and can usually be controlled.

Maintaining a normal blood pressure level can reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.