Combating the opioids crisis is a top priority for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). The department is working with sister state agencies, local health departments, hospitals, law enforcement and other partners to fight this modern plague. We know that every person saved from an overdose or connected with rehabilitation resources is a mother, father, sibling or child to someone else.

DHSS’ efforts include a series of nine Opioids Summits being held around the state over the next few months. Click here for a video of the kick-off summit held in Springfield on July 20, 2017. We are also working to track data related to opioids misuse so we can see where our efforts are most needed and where we are making progress. Working with the governor’s office and the legislature, we have helped enact new measures to save lives and improve the lives of those who struggle with opioid addiction. We’ve also partnered with the MO HOPE Project to help provide education and resources.

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1 out of every 89 deaths in 2015 were due to Opioid or Heroin Overdose
908 = 2016 Heroin & Opioid Deaths

Missouri Opioids Dashboard

The data presented here are relevant to the opioid misuse epidemic in Missouri. These data tell a troubling story: the opioid epidemic affects all genders, all races, and many age groups in both rural and urban Missouri geographies. The impact is multi-dimensional and multi-generational. Trends indicate that the scourge of misuse in our state, and nationwide, continues to affect people across all demographics.

Clicking the images below will lead to detailed graphics and analysis that feature data from Missouri death certificates and Missouri hospital and emergency room records, among other sources.

The Death Toll
An Epidemic Affecting Everyone
The Impact on the Future
The Costs of Opioid Misuse

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