The Insulin Administration training program prepares Certified Medication Technicians (CMT) in a skilled or intermediate care facility or Level I Medication Aides (LIMA) in a residential care facility (RCF) or assisted living facility (ACF) to administer insulin. The program is designed to present information on diabetes as it relates to symptoms and implications of proper or improper treatment and to teach skills in insulin administration in order to qualify students to perform this procedure in long term care facilities in Missouri.

The curriculum content includes procedures and instruction in the following areas: diabetes and its treatment and complications; types of insulins; techniques of insulin administration; and methods of monitoring blood sugar levels.

A student shall not administer insulin without the instructor present until he/she has successfully completed the course.

Insulin Status

Your Insulin Certificate goes directly with your CMT or LIMA certification. If at any point those certifications are considered Inactive/Expired then the Insulin certification is also Inactive/Expired.

Insulin Challenge

State regulation 13 CSR 30-84.040 does not allow for this program to be challenged. Individuals who wish to become Insulin Administration certified must take the course.