Bed bugs are a common pest throughout Missouri, the United States, and many parts of the world. They are excellent hitchhikers and can easily be moved from place to place on personal belongings such as bags, coats, and other items.

Because bed bugs can be picked up so easily, they can be found anywhere that people can be found! This includes private homes, hotels or motels, movie theaters, schools, and many other places around the community.

Bed bugs are not a new pest, although reports and complaints of bed bugs have been increasing in the last several years. The increase is likely the result of many things including more frequent travel, lack of knowledge about bed bugs and prevention steps, resistance of bed bugs to widely available pesticide products, and other factors. While bed bugs are an inconvenient pest to encounter, the good news is that they do not transmit diseases!

To learn more about bed bugs, click through the resources above. Please note that some of the information was developed by other states. Those materials are very informative but may reference programs or services that are not available in Missouri.