Data Table and Trends

Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA)

The MICA system is an interactive system that allows anyone to create a table of specific data from various data files including emergency department visits, hospital discharges, deaths and others.  MICA allows a person to choose the variables for the table rows and columns.  By clicking on the + next to the major diagnosis headers will open additional detailed data in that category. Asthma is a subcategory under the major diagnosis heading of Respiratory (throat and lung). The user can also produce a map with counties/cities shaded according to user-defined criteria. For additional information on obtaining asthma data from MICA, see MOPHIMS User Group Newsletter November 2017, Issue #17.

Fact Sheets

Asthma Data by Region

Asthma Burden Report

Asthma Call Back Surveys Data Tables

Community Health Improvement Resources (CHIR)

CHIR is an interactive web-based system designed to assist public health practitioners and community stakeholders with improving the health of their communities. The system uses an evidence-based public health improvement planning process that includes information and tools to help identify and prioritize community health issues, develop partnerships to address prioritized health issues, create and evaluate community plans to impact the identified issues utilizing evidence-based interventions (Intervention MICA), and sustain community efforts to impact priority health issues. Asthma is a topic addressed in the Intervention MICA.