Antigen Testing

Missouri Rapid Antigen Test Program

Missouri continues to provide all Missouri K-12 schools with COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to help safely deliver in-person learning.

The antigen testing program provides the ACON Flow Flex rapid antigen test to use for in-school testing by trained personnel or for distribution for use at home. DHSS provides the antigen tests at no-cost to schools.

Use Cases

  1. Schools and early childhood education (ECE) programs can promote and offer diagnostic testing for people with symptoms of COVID-19 or who came into close contact with someone with COVID-19. If people who have COVID-19 are identified early and isolate at home, schools and ECE programs can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  2. At high COVID-19 Community Levels, CDC encourages schools and ECE programs to consider implementing screening testing for high risk activities (for example close contact sports, band or choir); at key times in the year (for example, prom, group travel); and when returning from breaks (such as holidays, spring break, at the beginning of the school year).
  3. At medium to high COVID-19 Community Levels those serving students who are at risk for getting very sick with COVID-19, such as those with moderate or severe immunocompromise or complex medical conditions may want to consider screening testing.

Program Information

Items to note:

  • Schools can choose to conduct tests in-office by trained personnel and/or for home distribution.
  • The minimum number when ordering tests is 300. See the table below for more explanation.
  • Tests are shipped from the warehouse on Mondays only at this time.  All orders submitted up to midnight on Sunday will be included in the weekly order.
Minimum Order
At-Home ACON Flow Flex 300
In-Office ACON Flow Flex 300

To receive antigen tests, new users must:

  • Complete an application. Rapid Antigen Test Kit Application Portal (
  • Complete the required training and provide verification of that training.
  • Submit a testing plan.

To receive antigen tests, existing users must:

  • Provide any updates to onsite testing locations and testing staff for onsite testing.
  • All participating schools can order tests for onsite testing and at-home testing, if desired. If choosing to include an at-home testing option, review/revise your existing testing plan to include the at-home testing option and send the new testing plan to and cc:

Visit the DHSS Rapid Antigen Test Kit Application and Resource Page for testing resources.

If you have questions about starting a COVID-19 testing program, please contact and cc:

At-home Testing

Schools distributing COVID-19 tests for home use may reference DHSS’s At-home COVID Test Distribution Guide.

The Flow Flex Plain Language Instructions will guide the user through the test administration process.

DESE Related COVID-19 Information

DESE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The Departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and Health and Senior Services have updated the state’s Operational Guidance for K-12 Schools to Support Safe In-Person Learning.

The document contains information about:

  • CDC’s Operational Guidance, which shares best practice recommendations to prevent and mitigate COVID-19
  • CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels that help communities and individuals make decisions on what COVID-19 prevention strategies to use based on their community’s classification
  • Missouri’s COVID-19 Antigen Testing Program that continues to be available to any school interested