A complete well-child Healthy Children & Youth (HCY) exam includes the following:

  • A comprehensive unclothed physical examination;
  • A comprehensive health and developmental history including assessment of both physical and mental health development;
  • Health education (including anticipatory guidance);
  • Appropriate immunizations according to age;
  • Laboratory tests as indicated (appropriate according to age and health history unless medically contraindicated);
  • Lead screening according to established guidelines;
  • Hearing screening;
  • Vision screening; and
  • Dental screening.

Anticipatory guidance helps families understand what to expect at each stage of a child's life. It includes education appropriate to the child and family on healthy habits, prevention of illness and injury, nutrition, oral health, sexuality, social development, family relationships, social relationships, self-responsibility, and school progress. Due to limited exam time available, some of the guidance may be as handouts, videotapes, web linkages, etc. for study at home.

To assist families to play a more active role in their children's health and development, Bright Futures has created a number of family materials. Families can use the Bright Futures Encounter Forms during each scheduled well-child exam. These and other helpful and interesting materials can be downloaded for personal use at the Bright Futures web site.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services also offers a variety of educational materials free of charge to Missouri residents. These include topics of interest to families such as child safety, child development, child health, and parenting. Materials for parents and for children are available. You may visit the department's website at http://www.dhss.mo.gov/warehouse/e-literature.php to view the current list of print materials. You may also call 1-800-TEL-LINK (1-800-835-5465) to order these materials.