Evidence-Based Program Facilitator Trainings

Facilitation Skills

  • Group games and activities (DHSS & others) - Learn fun and interactive ways to form groups, learn names, debrief and reflect on a lesson, and more. Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Foundations Training (Answers) - Core skills training used as a national model for training teachers to implement high-quality sex education.  Duration: 6 hours & 30 participants maximum.
    • After completion of the full day of Foundations, there are 4 optional in-person modules that can be completed and each are 3 hours long.
      1. Commonly Used Sex Education Strategies
      2. LGBTQ Inclusive Sex Education
      3. A Trauma-Informed Approach to Sex Education
      4. Cultural Proficiency in Sex Education

Other Presentation Topics

  • Youth Voice Advocacy Linked Slides MO DHSS NEW (Until 9/28/2023)
    Zoom link
  • Positive Youth Development 101 (Cornell University) - Introduction to positive youth development as an approach or philosophy of working with young people. Duration: 3-6 hours or full curriculum is 10 hours long that can be broken down.
  • Adolescent Development timeline - Discover all of the important tasks completed during adolescence.
    Duration: 1 hour
  • Adolescent Brain Development (ETR) - Adolescence is a time of change, learn about what’s really happening in a teens brain. Duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • School Connectedness (DASH) - Identify strategies, resources, and actions to address school connectedness and improve school climate. Duration: 3 hours
  • School to Prison Pipeline (GSA) - Game of life that explores privilege, systemic racism, and how the school system sets some teens up to fail. Duration: 1 hour
  • Youth Health Literacy (DHSS) - Training for youth to help develop an understanding of basic health information and services.
  • Contraceptives (SLCH) - Basic anatomy and physiological development and a review of contraceptives available while clarifying myths/concerns around them.

Additional Training Resources