Registered/Licensed Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Professionals are required to complete continuing education and renew their registration before the end of a three-year registration period.  The list below includes professionals whose registration/license has recently expired.  Note that the list will be updated regularly.  However, for a short time the list might include a professional’s name even after the individual renewed their registration during the brief grace period allowed. You may request that an OWTS professional show identification and/or proof of registration or contact the Onsite Sewage Program to confirm current registration status.

Explanation of registration notations used in table below:
INSTALL – OWTS Installers, Basic or Advanced
OSE – Onsite Soil Evaluators
PT – Percolation Tester
INSPECT – Existing OWTS System Inspectors (related to property sales)

Click on the above links to access lists of registered/licensed persons

OWTS Professional Registrations Expiring

Status Registration Date of Expiration Last Name First Name MI City County
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Adams Jeremiah S Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Alford Justin W Herculaneum Ste. Genevieve
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Alford Jerry Festus Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Anderson Robert T. (Tom) Ash Grove Dade
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Barber Forrest R. Cross timbers Hickory
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Beckmann Craig R Saint Charles St. Louis
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Brunner Shari A Warrensburg Johnson
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Bullock Travis M Laurie Morgan
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Bunting Kenneth D Sibley Jackson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Burr Kyle R Farmington St. Francois
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Causey Scott A Strafford Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Chapin James R Blue Eye Stone
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Conner Justin J Neosho Newton
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Corn John A Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Curbow Timothy C Blue Eye Stone
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Dearien Greg P Long Lane Dallas
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Distler Lucas J Jefferson City Cole
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Distler Phil J Jefferson City Cole
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Dizdar Stjepan St. Louis St. Louis
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Dugger James R Hartville Wright
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Eaves Sean E Camdenton Camden
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Ekstam Steve Tipton Moniteau
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Ewing Terry D Thornfield Ozark
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Flippin Eric D Stover Morgan
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Flippin Mark W Stover Ste. Genevieve
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Foster Billy G Lowry City St. Clair
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Frehse, Jr. William R Crocker Miller
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Garrison Richard L Lampe Stone
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Gilton  Jr Ray G Poplar Bluff Butler
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Gipson Kristopher M Hartsburg Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Gipson Robert J Branson Taney
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Graupman Herschel J Palmyra Marion
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Green Jeffrey L California Moniteau
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Groves Alan R Camdenton Camden
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Hardison Brent L Springfield Webster
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Hayward Stanton F Dadeville Dade
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Hesselmann Michael T Savannah Andrew
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Hughes Jim A Festus Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Hull Donald Dale Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Jones James F Mt Vernon Lawrence
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Kammerer Daniel A Imperial Jefferson
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Kolbe Jeff Billings Christian
EXPIRED INSPECT 5/31/2019 Lockney Todd B Concordia Benton
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Louallen Stephen J Rogersville Christian
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Lowe Merlin C Niangua Wright
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Martin Wendell R Rogersville Christian
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 McDowell Christopher Scott Kirbyville Taney
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Michaelis Mitchell S Ash Grove Polk
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Miller Mathias K Niangua Webster
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Miller William R Farmington St. Francois
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Morris Lance Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Mulcahy Matthew G Cameron Dekalb
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Needy Wendy Beth Green Ridge Pettis
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Nichols Lonnie Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Owens Ronald G Eldridge Laclede
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Payton Brett E Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Penny Steven Lloyd Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Rathbun David Ira Columbia Callaway
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Reger Roger (Ed) Milan Sullivan
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Roark Katherine L Cole Camp Benton
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Robinett Carl G. Mexico Audrain
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Robinson Charles Dean Festus Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Russell Alan Turney Clinton
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Schillinger Derek O Osage Beach Miller
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 Schrum Scott J Irondale Washington
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Simmons Robert D Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Sloan Kenneth L Centerville Out of State
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Sloan Matthew P Jefferson City Cole
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Small Andy J Hartsburg Boone
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Smith John C Warenton Warren
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Smith Merlin Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Strohmyer John C Branson West Stone
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Strothkamp Luke C Bourbon Franklin
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Strunk Michael W Foley Lincoln
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Suljak Michael J Villa Ridge Franklin
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Sullivan Michael C St. Joseph Buchanan
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Tate Eddie D Nixa Christian
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2019 Tuggle Kevin F Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Veatch Michael W Republic Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Wall Kenny C Crocker Pulaski
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2019 Wallenbrock Earl O Barnhart Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Walters Daniel B Hillsboro Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Wedel Tim Louis Harwood Vernon
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2019 Wegener Thomas W Higginsville Lafayette
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2019 White Shawn M Hannibal Marion
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Winkler Chad A Perryville Perry
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2019 Wright Kenneth A Maryville Nodaway


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