Registered/Licensed Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Professionals are required to complete continuing education and renew their registration before the end of a three-year registration period.  The list below includes professionals whose registration/license has recently expired.  Note that the list will be updated regularly.  However, for a short time the list might include a professional’s name even after the individual renewed their registration during the brief grace period allowed. You may request that an OWTS professional show identification and/or proof of registration or contact the Onsite Sewage Program to confirm current registration status.

Explanation of registration notations used in table below:
INSTALL – OWTS Installers, Basic or Advanced
OSE – Onsite Soil Evaluators
PT – Percolation Tester
INSPECT – Existing OWTS System Inspectors (related to property sales)

Click on the above links to access lists of registered/licensed persons

OWTS Professional Registrations Expiring

Status Registration Date of Expiration Last Name First Name MI City County
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Bader Zachary R Qulin Butler
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Bennett Brady A Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Bevan Glenn E Harrisonville Cass
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Blake Jake Buffalo Dallas
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Bradley Donald R Mneosho Newton
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Brooks Craig M Centralia Audrain
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Brotherton Chase Pomona Howell
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Carpenter Trevor Dean Neosho Newton
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Cawein Joseph Lee St. Peters St Charles
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Chilton Shawn M Jefferson City Cole
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Clark Perry A Blue Springs Jackson
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Crocker Jeff D Lesterville Reynolds
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Cunningham Michael P Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Dunnavant Carl J Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2018 Eime Jim M Union Franklin
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Ellis Ronald L St Joseph Buchanan
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Elmore Mickey D Waynesville Pulaski
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Fitch Charles A Aldrich Polk
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Foister Eugene (Rocky) R St. Charles St Charles
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Garretson Edwin D Humansville Polk
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Grube John J Gerald Franklin
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Hagan Kyle S Perryville Perry
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Harris Joshua K Springfield Laclede
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2018 Hatton Lee Leasburg Crawford
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Hodo Robert L Scott City Cape Girardeau
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Holland James W Bucyrus Texas
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Howald Jesse E Ozark Christian
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Huckaby Robert L Brookline Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Hughes Jim A Festus Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Inman Michael C Farmington St Francois
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2018 Kelley Eldon L Freeburg Osage
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Kempker James W Rocky Mt Morgan
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Kingsbury Bryan M Warsaw Benton
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Klump David E Osage Beach Camden
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Lathrop Gene Lamar Barton
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Lawrence Billy J Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Leeker Doug T St. Louis St Louis
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Leeker Doug T St. Louis St Louis
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Leman Brian N Jasper Barton
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Lile JW W Plattsburg Clinton
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Lockney Melvin B Warsaw Benton
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Lucke Christopher W St. Charles St Charles
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Mabrier Ralph T Fordland Webster
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Mast Eldon D Sarcoxie Jasper
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 McGowen Kevin D Houston Texas
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Minor Everett L Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Mitchell Donald K Lake Ozark Camden
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Morgan Carol A Zalma Bollinger
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Morgan Justin W Eldon Miller
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Moulder Steffan A Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Mudd Jesse T Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Parker Jonathan Seth Springfield Webster
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Phoenix Jerry Clark Centerview Johnson
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Picker Chad A St. James Phelps
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Pierce Gerald Kyle Columbia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2018 Powers Sean F Harrisonville Cass
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Reed Todd C Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Richner Jordan M El Dorado Springs Cedar
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Rustin Douglas P Carthage Jasper
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Ruzzo Tony M Billings Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Sallee David L Hallsville Boone
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Schrock Eugene M Gravois Mills Morgan
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Seel Jeremy S Iberia Miller
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Sherrill William "Scott" Goodman McDonald
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Shishko Vitaly Nixa Christian
EXPIRED INSTALL 5/31/2018 Sisco Kenneth W Mt. Vernon State
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Smith Mary C Crocker Pulaski
EXPIRED INSPECT 6/30/2018 Strobel Mark A Jefferson City Cole
EXPIRED INSTALL 3/31/2018 Thomas Jr Richard B Lexington Lafayette
EXPIRED INSTALL 6/30/2018 Twitchell Brian K Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Usilton Logan D La Russell Lawrence
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Wade Brent A Fordland Webster
EXPIRED INSPECT 4/30/2018 Warden Brian K Farmington St Francois
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Warden Brian K Farmington St Francois
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Wassam Sam L Fair Grove Greene
EXPIRED INSPECT 3/31/2018 Webster Greg M Camdenton Camden
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Wegmann Alexander G Desoto Jefferson
EXPIRED INSTALL 4/30/2018 Yount Michael D Chaffee Scott


Contact us if you have questions about this list, or to update or correct an address.

(updated 7/16/18)