Continuing education is one way for onsite professionals to maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve high standards in the onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) industry. Continuing education units (CEUs) provide individuals with recognition for their efforts to update and broaden their knowledge or skills through participation in continuing education activities. By saving CEU certificates and/or stamped agendas, onsite professionals can keep a record of their training. The primary purpose of tracking CEUs is as a training confirmation for those who seek to renew their OWTS professional registration or license, or to maintain other credentials. CEU records are frequently used by individuals to give an employer, prospective employer or client information about continuing education and training pertinent to their occupation.

Effective May 30, 2009, DHSS rules (19 CSR 20-3.070 and 19 CSR 20-3.080) requiring registration or license renewal and continuing education units (CEUs) will change. Successful completion of at least 20 hours of Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)-approved CEUs, including 8 CEUs meeting select department criteria, will be required for all onsite registered and/or licensed professionals for their first three year registration renewal. When renewing for the second time or more, Basic Installers and Percolation Testers will need 8.0 CEUs and Advanced Installers, Onsite Soil Evaluators and Licensed Inspectors/Evaluators will need 12.0 CEUs including 8 CEUs meeting select department criteria. Continuing education is intended to promote better communication about changes in regulations and to insure OWTS professionals keep pace with the constant changes in the onsite industry. DHSS is committed to developing and promoting educational offerings with a clear purpose, taught by qualified instructors.

As approved CEU courses are scheduled, they will be posted to our website. Periodically, CEU Exercises will be offered on the internet. Individuals planning to attend a course/seminar that is not on the pre-approved CEU listing, will need to check with the organization offering the training. To request CEU credit for a training that hasn't been approved, fill out an Application for CEU Hours for OWTS Professionals. Credit will generally be allowed for training directly related to activities performed under the professional's registration. Professionals will need to retain CEU certificates/stamped agendas to submit with their renewal application(s).