Each year Missourians are affected by disasters such as tornadoes, fires, floods, and power outages. In an emergency situation, detailed preparation is key. Missourians receiving in-home and home healthcare services need to be prepared for any type of emergency. Ready in 3 outlines steps you can take now to prepare.

There are simple measures that you can implement to increase your personal readiness. The Ready in 3 Family Safety Guide provides comprehensive information on the three steps in preparing in advance of any emergency. The guide is available in print in English, Spanish, Bosnian and Braille and electronically in Romanian and Russian. Order your Family Safety Guide here. Additionally, becoming familiar with the emergency response plan and procedures of your care agency is a critical component of preparedness.

Once you are armed with the necessary resources, prepare an emergency kit and use the Family Plan (English, Spanish, Bosnian, Romanian and Russian) and Personal Healthcare Information checklist, available in English, Spanish and Bosnian, to create a plan.

Place a copy of your completed Family Plan and Personal Healthcare Information in your emergency kit and in your care agency’s service binder.

While staying in a well-prepared home is often the best approach for you to get through a crisis, evacuation may be required. Because of the challenges faced by those with special health needs, you should consider evacuation as early as possible, even if it may prove later to be unnecessary. Remember to take your emergency kit including medicines and medical equipment with you if you evacuate. In addition, notify your care agency with your evacuation or relocation information so they can continue services, if necessary.

Other Important Resources:

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