As a business leader, you know the importance of planning. Having a plan for responding to emergencies and threats – such as a tornado, fire, flood, earthquake or even a terrorism event – is important for everyone. In an emergency situation, thorough preparation is key to an effective response. Ready in 3 can help Missouri employers and employees take steps to prepare for emergency situations.

Ready in 3 includes many materials and tools for businesses at no charge. We hope you will use these materials, presentation tools and video to become workplace ambassadors of the program by making presentations at staff meetings and providing information to your employees.

In addition, we encourage you to include the Ready in 3 message in newsletters or other correspondence with employees and clients, place a poster in your staff lunchrooms, keep a supply of the Family Safety Guides in common areas, and add a Ready in 3 link to your Intranet or Internet sites.

Employee Emergency Preparations at Work

Your employer may have a building evacuation plan. Some companies practice regular emergency-evacuation drills. There should be a meeting place outside your building where everyone can gather.

Keep your own supply of fresh water and canned food, a flashlight, and battery-powered radio at your desk or in your locker. Everyone should consider keeping a change of clothes, and a pair of strong, practical shoes or boots at work.