In an emergency situation, detailed preparation is key. Missourians on dialysis need to be prepared for any type of emergency. Ready in 3 outlines steps you can take now to prepare.

The Family Safety Guide provides comprehensive information on the three steps in preparing in advance of any emergency. The guide is available in print in English, Spanish, Bosnian and Braille and electronically in Romanian and Russian. Order your Family Safety Guide here!

An emergency plan and kit checklists, available in English, Spanishand Bosnian, for individuals on dialysis outlines the information that is necessary as plans are being put into place for emergency situations of all kinds.

A video that acts as a step-by-step guide to preparing for emergencies is also available.

By using the three steps outlined in Ready in 3 and the emergency plan and kit checklist for individuals with dialysis, Missourians relying on dialysis can be ready for their next emergency situation. It is also extremely important for dialysis patients to consider their diet as plans are put into place for handling emergency situations.

Know what emergency diet to follow if your dialysis might be delayed.

Dialysis takes the waste from your blood. Wastes and fluid build up between dialysis treatments. Normally this build up is small and does not cause a problem between regular dialysis treatments. If your dialysis must be delayed, these wastes and fluids can build up and cause problems.  To keep the build-up of protein wastes, potassium, and fluid as small as possible, you need to follow a special 3-day emergency diet. THIS DIET PLAN IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR DIALYSIS.

If you can’t get dialysis, your life can depend on limiting the amount of waste that builds up in your blood by changing your diet. Look at this diet plan with your renal dietician to see if it will work for you, or to see if it needs to be modified to fit your special health needs. This gives you a chance to ask questions before an emergency occurs. If you are on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and can’t get to your supplies to do your exchanges, this emergency diet may also apply to you. You should make every attempt to get dialysis within 3 days. But if it takes longer, be sure to continue the 3-day emergency diet plan until you can get your dialysis treatment.