Local Public Health Agencies

Local public health agencies (LPHAs), also known as city or county health departments, located throughout Missouri work to improve the health of thousands of Missourians every year. These agencies address a wide range of public health issues, from assessing the health risks of environmental problems to providing emergency services during natural disasters. Local public health agencies protect food safety by inspecting restaurants and grocery stores. And they work to control communicable diseases such as flu and tuberculosis and to alleviate chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The Missouri Bureau of Vital Records in Jefferson City maintains a reliable statewide system to register, certify, and report vital events. The bureau works with important partners such as local public health agencies, hospitals, and funeral establishments to collect, register, and issue births and deaths. The state, together with local vital records offices located inside LPHAs across Missouri1, provide vital record related customer service and assure that birth and death certificates are issued conveniently and without delay.

Training Resources

Missouri LPHA Training Guide

Contact Bureau of Vital Records

The Missouri Bureau of Vital Records has field representative staff who travel the state training vital record data providers. Field staff can also arrange for telephone/web conference training calls.

If you are a local public health agency and would like to request a personalized training session or have vital record related questions, call 573-751-6387, option 4.

  1. Vital Records are not available at the St. Louis City Health Department. Missouri born citizens can obtain records in the St. Louis City area at the Recorder of Deeds office at: City Hall, 1200 Market Street, Room 126, St. Louis, MO 63103 (314) 613-3016.