The Chronic Disease series of MICAs were developed to help elevate the chronic disease diagnosis categories to a more accessible location on the query page. The primary difference between the Inpatient Hospitalization MICA or ER MICA and the respective Chronic Disease Inpatient Hospitalization or Chronic Disease ER MICA is in the list of diagnosis categories. The Chronic Disease MICAs are limited to disease classifications that were identified by DHSS as appropriate for chronic disease categorization. This list is not necessarily exhaustive and should not be considered a complete list of all chronic diseases for inpatients or ER visits. Also note that Chronic Disease Inpatient Hospitalization MICA does not include Charge or Days of Care data types. Charge and Days of Care data types can only be found on the Inpatient Hospitalization MICA. For more information about how the Inpatient Hospitalization MICA or ER MICA is constructed use the following links: