HCBS-08-17-19 Updates to Chapter 2 Appendix 3 - Medical Eligiblity Category Chart

HCBS-07-17-18 Application for State Hearing for Home and Community Based Services

HCBS-07-17-17 Explanation of Level of Care Determination

HCBS-06-17-16 HCBS Policy revisions to reflect implementation of the Fiscal Year 2018 budget

HCBS-06-17-15 HCBS Updates to Chapter 10 HCBS Web Tool Guides

HCBS-05-17-14 Participant Case Records Policy Update

HCBS-05-17-13 RCF ALF Personal Care - State Plan (Agency Model) Policy Update

HCBS-05-17-12 Notice for Closure (DA-12m) Policy Updates

HCBS-04-17-11 Money Follows the Person Demonstration (MFP) Policy Updates

HCBS-04-17-10 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-03-17-09 MFP Option Counseling Transition Coordination Contractors Map Update

HCBS-03-17-08 Participant Communication Reason for Contact

HCBS-03-17-07 Medicaid Eligibility and Miller Trust Updates

HCBS-03-17-06 Updates to SLUMS Examination form and instructions

HCBS-02-17-05 Confidentiality/HIPAA Policy Updates

HCBS-01-17-04 Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Independent Living Waiver (ILW) Participant Fraud Process

HCBS-01-17-03 Authorized Nurse Visits - State Plan Agency Model Update

HCBS-01-17-02 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-01-17-01 Participant Contact Letter Update

HCBS-12-16-39 In-Home Services Worksheet and Care Plan Supplement for CDS Updates

HCBS-12-16-38 Social Services Grant General Revenue Protective Services Participants

HCBS-12-16-37 Provider Complaint Communication Process

HCBS-12-16-36 Non-Medicaid Eligible (NME) Policy Update

HCBS-11-16-35 MFP Option Counseling/Transition Coordination Contractors Map Updates

HCBS-11-16-34 Revision of DA-1 to Reflect Updates to the Referral Process

HCBS-10-16-33 Authorized Nurse Visits - State Plan Agency Model Update

HCBS-09-16-32 Adult Day Care Wavier and Adult Day Care - Aged and Disabled Waiver Policies

HCBS-07-16-31 Non-Medicaid Eligible Policy Update

HCBS-07-16-30 Fiscal Year FY17 Service Units and Rates

HCBS-06-16-29 Case Record Review Policy Update

HCBS-06-16-28 Pre-filling Insulin Syringes

HCBS-06-16-27 Adverse Action Policies

HCBS-05-16-26 Case Notes Documentation Policy

HCBS-04-16-25 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-03-16-24 Counties Served Per Regional Administrative Hearings Office Update

HCBS-02-16-23 Case Record Request Policy

HCBS-01-16-22 Money Follows the Person Policy Update

HCBS-01-16-21 Revision of DA-3a and DA-3c to reflect updated HCBS Services Unit and Rates effective January 1, 2016

HCBS-01-16-20 Fiscal Year 16 Remainder Reimbursement Rates and Unit Maximums

HCBS-11-15-19 Reassessment Process Policy Update

HCBS-10-15-18 Medicaid Eligibility Policy Update

HCBS-09-15-17 Home and Community Based Referral Form (IM-54A) Update

HCBS-08-15-16 HCBS Care Plan and Participant Choice Statement

HCBS-08-15-15 Updates to the HCBS Introduction and Confidentiality Requirements

HCBS-08-15-14 Update to Intake and PreScreen Policy to Include HCY Policy

HCBS-08-15-13 Case Record Review Policy Update

HCBS-08-15-12 In-Home Services (DA-3a) Calculation Updates

HCBS-08-15-11 Adverse Action and Person Centered Care Planning and Maintenance Updates

HCBS-06-15-10 FY 16 Monthly Cost Cap for HCBS

HCBS-06-15-09 HCB Medicaid Referral Form

HCBS-06-15-08 Case Record Review

HCBS-03-15-07 Updates to Medicaid Income Chart

HCBS-03-15-06 Non-Medicaid Eligibility Policy

HCBS-02-15-05 HCBS Web Tool Enhancements for Financial Management Services

HCBS-01-15-04 Physician Notification

HCBS-01-15-03 Chapter 6 Appeals and Hearing Process Appendixes Updates

HCBS-01-15-02 Division of Legal Services Regional Offices List

HCBS-01-15-01 Chapter 8 Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

HCBS-12-14-09 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-10-14-08 Updates to PACE Policy and Explanation of Level of Care Policy

HCBS-09-14-07 Instructions for the Physician Notifications Forms

HCBS-07-14-06 Independent Living Waiver-Financial Management Services

HCBS-06-14-05 Fiscal Year (FY) 15 Reimbursement Rates

HCBS-06-14-04 Fiscal Year (FY) 15 Reimbursement Rates and Monthly Cost Cap for Home and Community Based Services

HCBS-05-14-03 Chapter 4 HCBS Services Processes

HCBS-04-14-02 Chapter 6 Appeal and Hearing Process

HCBS-02-14-01 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-10-13-14 Chapter 5 Adverse Action Policy Revisions

HCBS-10-13-13 Updated Reimbursement Rate for HCBS and Monthly Unit Maximums

HCBS-08-13-12 Update to Chapter 2 Medicaid Eligibility Chart

HCBS-07-13-11 Updates to Medicaid Income Chart and Services Units and Rates

HCBS-07-13-10 Authorized Nurse Visits

HCBS-07-13-09 Home and Community Based Services Cost Maximums

HCBS-06-13-08 Updates to DA-3 Instructions

HCBS-04-13-07 Non-Medicaid Eligibility (NME)

HCBS-03-13-06 Update to Chapter 7 Money Follows the Person

HCBS-03-13-05 Enhancements to the HCBS Web Tool and Revisions to the HCBS Web Tool Guides

HCBS-03-13-04 ADC & ADCW Policy Changes

HCBS-01-13-03 Revisions to the HCBS Web Tool Reassessment Process

HCBS-01-13-02 Updates to IM-54A Form and Instructions

HCBS-01-13-01 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-11-12-01 Updates to Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 in the HCBS Manual

HCBS-08-12-09 HCBS Care Plan and Participant Choice Statement

HCBS-08-12-08 Updated HCBS Manual, Chapter 7 Money Follows the Person

HCBS-06-12-07 Personal Care Services in an RCF-ALF

HCBS-06-12-06 Medicaid Income Information

HCBS-04-12-05 Revisions to the HCBS Web Tool Instructions

HCBS-01-12-04 Update to Chapter 7 Money Follows the Person

HCBS 01-12-03 Ex-Parte Communication with Hearing Offices
     Regional Administrative Hearings Offices

HCBS 01-12-02 Updates to Chapter 2 in the HCBS Manual.doc

HCBS 01-12-01 Updates to Chapter 1 in the HCBS Manual

HCBS 12-11-05 Updates to Money Follows the Person

HCBS 12-11-04 Division of Legal Services Regional Office List

HCBS 12-11-03 Updated Qualifying Statement for HCBS Witness Information and Authentication of Exhibits

HCBS 08-11-02 DA-12 Adverse Action Notice and DA-12a Application for State Hearing

HCBS 07-11-01 Updated Cost Maximum, Service Units & Reimbursement Rates for HCBS