• A guide to starting SFSP in your Community
  • ”And Justice for All” poster
    Federal Relay Service poster
    The “And Justice for All” poster must be displayed in a prominent location at all SFSP feeding sites and sponsor organization locations. It contains the USDA non-discrimination statement and instructions for filing a complaint of discrimination. The Federal Relay Service poster must be posted next to the “And Justice for All” poster.
  • Bookmarks
    These bookmarks may be printed to help promote the SFSP and summer reading at the same time. The bookmark is available here in Word so it can be tailored to promote your local program. Four options to choose from.
  • Business Cards
    These business cards may be printed and tailored to your local program. They can be distributed at meetings designed to promote SFSP.
  • Eat Smart, Play Hard Guide and Make a Splash with you SFSP
    Two guides developed to assist State agencies, schools, sponsors and site personnel in planning Summer Food Service Program opening day, kickoff and other events for children.
  • Extra! Extra! - Summer Meals For Kids - Mailing/Handout Flyer
    Envelope-stuffer-sized flyers, designed in Word, to make them easy to personalize for your promotional efforts.
  • 'Food that's in when school is out' flyer
    Easily add your organization's name and contact information to these 8 1/2 X 11-inch flyers designed in Word to promote the SFSP. May be used as a poster or handout.
  • How to do Outreach
    Outreach is important to make your feeding site successful. The more people who know about the program, the more children will come to eat. Outreach may also help your site get food and money donations and volunteers to help supervise any activities for the children who come to eat. This USDA website offers a number of resources including Public Service Announcements (PSAs).
  • Information on Partnerships
    Information about how to find and form valuable partners in your local community to help strengthen your SFSP efforts.
  • Sample paragraphs for use in newsletters and other publications aimed at parents and families
    Provided here are cut and paste paragraphs designed in Word that can be inserted into your organization's newsletter to let your readers know about the SFSP.
  • SFSP Outreach Toolkit for Sponsors and Feeding Sites
    The SFSP Outreach Toolkit will help sponsors and sites create outreach materials such as fliers, letters to parents, and press releases that will help the community learn about the program.
  • SFSP Signs
    These signs may be printed and used to advertise the days and times of your program.
  • Tips for Success
    Here you will find tips on things such as serving quality meals, keeping sound financial records, ensuring access to programs, including activities, and publicizing the program.
  • Working with the Media
    Using the media is a great way to reach children (and their parents) with your message. Here you will find out how to work with the media in your hometown to help you market your Summer Food Service Program. You will learn how your hometown newspapers, radio, and TV stations are always looking for a local angle.