Chapter 191: Health and Welfare

191.226 Cost of HIV testing for certain crime victims payable by department of health and senior services, when, conditions.

191.630 Definitions.

191.640 Blood-borne pathogen standard required for occupational exposure of public employees to blood and other infectious materials -definitions - requirements of needleless system and sharps - violations, penalty.

191.650 Definitions.

191.653 HIV testing performed by whom, how - consultation with subject required, when.

191.656 Confidentiality of reports and records, exceptions - violation, civil action for injunction, damages, costs, and attorney fees - health care provider participating in judicial proceedings, immune from civil liability.

191.657 Disclosure of confidential HIV information, by court order, only to certain persons, procedure, when.

191.658 HIV infection disclosure by department of health and senior services to exposed health workers or law enforcement officers, when, violation, penalty.

191.659 Department of corrections, HIV and infectious disease testing, without right of refusal - exceptions - minors victims of sexual assault, testing, notice to parents or custodians required.

191.662 Department of mental health, permissive HIV testing without right of refusal, when - results of HIV testing not to be reported to department of health and senior services, when.

191.663 HIV testing, defined - court order to test certain sexual offenders - costs-bond-disclosure of results of test - parents of unemancipated minor informed, when.

191.665 Discrimination prohibited, exceptions.

191.668 Department of health and senior services and department of elementary and secondary education to prepare educational programs, contents.

191.671 Insurance companies, HMOs or health service corporations, HIV testing by, regulation by department of insurance - disclosure of test results, confidentiality.

191.674 Court-ordered HIV testing without right of refusal, department of health and senior services may seek, when -court record closed, proceeding to be in camera, when.

191.677 Prohibited acts, criminal penalties.

191.680 Maintaining a nuisance, abatement to be ordered, when.

191.683 Reports to general assembly by department of health and senior services.

191.686 Anonymous testing sites in central Missouri, Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Louis - reports of results, use of coded system - contact notification required, when.

191.689 Schools to be given notice of identity of child with HIV infection, when, by whom - identity of infected child may be released to whom by school.

191.692  Premarital HIV testing, rulemaking authorized, when.

191.694 Infection control procedures -requirements and training for health care facilities and professionals.

191.699 Disciplinary action for health care professionals who discriminate require HIV testing before treatment.

191.700 Testing of all health care professionals not justified - voluntary a confidential evaluation of infected professional, procedure - expert review panel qualifications, powers and duties, practice restrictions, when - health care facilities informed only of restrictions - violations, complaints made to appropriate boards.

191.703 Death of patient with infection or contagious disease, notification to funeral director or coroner.

Chapter 192: Department of Health and Senior Services

Chapter 516: Statutes of Limitations

516.105 Action against health care providers (medical malpractice).

Chapter 566: Sexual Offenses

545.940 Defendant may be tested for various sexually transmitted diseases, when.

Chapter 567: Prostitution

567.020 Prostitution.

567.120 HIV-testing for persons arrested for a prostitution-related offense.