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As a woman, you may qualify for free breast and cervical cancer screenings, just as thousands of women have already done.* Missouri's Show Me Healthy Women (SMHW) program provides these cancer screenings free to age and income eligible women.

Do you or someone you know meet Missouri's SMHW program AGE and INCOME eligibility guidelines below?

Age Guidelines

Women Age 40 to 64 or Older without Medicare Part B

  • Are eligible for a clinical breast examination (CBE), a mammogram, plus a pelvic examination and Pap test.

Women Age 35-49

  • Are eligible for a pelvic examination, Pap test and CBE.
  • Are eligible for diagnostic breast services if the CBE results are suspicious for cancer.
  • Are eligible for diagnostic cervical services if their initial/follow-up cervical cancer screening (Pap test) was abnormal and was provided by a participating provider or through outside referrals with abnormal Pap test results.

Cervical Cancer Screenings for Women who have had a Hysterectomy

  • Due to cervical cancer or dysplasia are eligible for CBE, pelvic examination and Pap test.
  • Due to any reason other than cervical cancer or dysplasia are eligible for one Pap test and pelvic examination to determine the absence or presence of the cervix.
  • Due to conditions other than cervical cancer or dysplasia and the cervix is absent are eligible for a CBE.

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For more information, call the National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service (CIS) at 1-800-422-6237, press option “1”, or contact us.

*Women with MO HealthNet, Medicare Part B or HMO health coverage are not eligible for SMHW.

Updated: February 2013