Missouri State Statute regarding Lead in School Drinking Water

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year and for each subsequent school year, each school shall provide drinking water with a lead concentration level below five parts per billion in sufficient amounts to meet the drinking water needs of all students and staff

Missouri Statute regarding AEDs

Missouri State Laws regarding Allergies

  • Section 167.208, RSMo, requires each school district to adopt a policy on allergy prevention and response with priority given to addressing potentially deadly food-borne allergies; the policy and procedure must be in place by July 1, 2011.
  • Section 167.627, RSMo, addresses possession and self-administration of medications in school.
  • Section 167.621, RSMo, addresses the authorization of medications in schools. Persons providing health services under sections 167.600 to 167.621 shall obtain authorization from a parent or guardian of the child before providing services as provided by section 431.061, RSMo.
  • Section 167.630, RSMo, This act authorizes school contracted agents trained by a nurse to administer an epinephrine auto syringe on any student who is having a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. This act also provides that trained contracted agents shall be immune from civil liability in the administration of a prefilled auto syringe.

Missouri State Laws regarding Asthma

  • Section 167.635 RSMo Asthma-related rescue medications, school nurse may be authorized by school board to maintain, procedure.
  • Each school board may authorize a school nurse licensed under chapter 335 who is employed by the school district and for whom the board is responsible to maintain a supply of asthma-related rescue medications at the school. The nurse shall recommend to the school board the quantity of medication the school should maintain.
  • To obtain asthma rescue medications for a school district, a prescription written by a licensed physician, a physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner is required. For such prescriptions, the school district shall be designated as the patient, the nurse's name shall be required, and the prescription shall be filled at a licensed pharmacy.
  • A school nurse or other school employee trained by and supervised by the nurse shall have the discretion to use asthma-related rescue medications on any student the school nurse or trained employee believes is having a life-threatening asthma episode based on the training in recognizing an acute asthma episode. The provisions of Section 167.624 concerning immunity from civil liability for trained employees administering lifesaving methods shall apply to trained employees administering an asthma-related rescue medication under this section.

Missouri State Statute regarding Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Section 160-975, RSMo requires all Missouri public and charter schools to post in a public area readily accessible to students a sign in English and Spanish that contains the toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline number. The signage is required to be at least 11 inches by 17 inches in size, contain large print, and be placed at eye level to the students for easy viewing.
  • Missouri State Statute regarding Corporal Punishment

    • Section 160.261, RSMo, This act requires school districts notify parents and receive written permission before using corporal punishment. The act repeals language related to the jurisdiction of the Children's Division within the Department of Social Services and its ability to investigate reports of alleged child abuse by personnel of a school district, a teacher, or other school employee. It also repeals language related to how a school and school district are to handle reports of alleged child abuse.

    Missouri State Law regarding CPR instruction for grades 9-12

    Missouri State Laws regarding Diabetes

    • HB675 management of diabetes in elementary and secondary schools
    • Section 161.450.1, RSMo This section shall be known as "Cade's Law". The department of elementary and secondary education shall develop and adopt rules relating to a physical fitness challenge for elementary-, middle-, and high school-level students. The challenge shall include, but not be limited to, elements that address physical conditioning, flexibility, strength, and aerobic capacity and shall recognize individual, team, and school-wide performance.
    • Section 167.803, RSMo Training of school employees, content, requirements.
    • Section 167.806, RSMo Plan to be submitted by parent or guardian of student with diabetes--review by school.
    • Section 167.809.1, RSMO Diabetic care may be provided to students, when, trained personnel to be on site.
    • Section 167.812.1, RSMo Diabetic care not practice of nursing, when--health care professionals may provide training.
    • Section 167.818, RSMo Student may perform certain diabetic care for self.
    • Section 167.821, RSMo Immunity from liability.
    • Section 167.824.1, RSMo Rulemaking authority.

    Missouri State Statute regarding Emergency Medications

    Missouri State Statute regarding Explicit Materials

    • Section 573.550, RSMo, This act provides that a person commits the offense of providing explicit sexual material to a student if such person is affiliated with a public or private elementary or secondary school in an official capacity and, knowing of its content and character.

    Missouri State Statute regarding Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

    • Section 170.047, RSMo, This act shall be known as the “Jason Flatt/Avery Reine Cantor Act” and addresses youth suicide awareness and prevention training for educators.
    • Section 170.048, RSMo, This act requires a public school or charter school with pupils in grades seven to twelve that issues pupil or student identification cards to print the 3-digit dialing code that directs calls and routes text messages to the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, 988.
    • Section 170.307, RSMo, For school year 2023 and each school year thereafter, upon graduation from high school, pupils in public schools and charter schools shall have received mental health awareness training given any time during a pupil’s four years of high school.

    Missouri State Statute regarding Recovery Programs for High School Students

    • Section 167.850, RSMo, Under this act, the Commissioner of Education may approve and authorize up to four pilot recovery high schools to be established and operated by individual public school districts or groups of such districts.

    Missouri State Law regarding Seclusion and Restraint

    In addition, Missouri law requires that LEAs submit an incident report to DESE within 30 days of any incident referenced in the policy. DESE will use the Tiered Monitoring web application to collect Seclusions and Restraint Incident Reports from LEAs. As part of the required reporting, LEAs must include a copy of the incident report provided to the parent or legal guardian of the student involved. Collection of Seclusion and Restraint Incident Reports began July 1, 2022. Reporting instructions and a template for use in reporting multiple incidents is available on the DESE website.

    Section 160.263, RSMo, requires local boards of education to adopt such a policy.

    Missouri State Laws regarding Seizure Disorders

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I keep student health records?
    The Missouri Secretary of State website includes Guidelines for Records Retention for local government records and Public schools. The same schedule can be found in the Manual for School Health (page41) available for download.