In 2023, the Missouri General Assembly established section 191.592, RSMo and thereby the Medical Residency Grant Program Fund to support additional residency positions at existing graduate medical education (GME) medical residency programs. This state-funded program is referred to as the “Missouri Graduate Medical Education Grant Program” (MO GME Grant Program). The objective of this program is to increase the number of Missouri accredited residency positions and fully trained Missouri physicians in the physician-shortage specialties of family medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, general obstetrics and gynecology (Ob/Gyn), and general psychiatry (collectively, "general primary care and psychiatry"), thereby improving and expanding access to health care in Missouri by developing new sustainable residency positions to address the physician workforce shortages and challenges faced by Missouri’s underserved communities.

Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO)

Watch this space for more information on the next funding opportunity.



An eligible applicant (“Applicant”) for the MO GME Grant Program is an ACGME accredited, Missouri-based

  • GME program which intends to increase and fill ACGME-approved medical residency positions during the grant commitment period; or
  • Sponsoring institution (hospital, medical school, or consortium) that sponsors and maintains primary organizational and financial responsibility for a Missouri GME program which intends to increase and fill ACGME-approved medical residency positions during the grant commitment period.

*Please note that the application must be certified and submitted by an individual who is legally authorized to submit the application on behalf of the applicant. Each medical residency program application requires its own certification, even if a sponsoring institution has multiple medical residency programs applying for this grant.

Award Amount

This grant award is for a maximum of $75,000 per resident per training year for the MO GME Grant Program approved slots.

  • This grant cannot supplant existing funds for existing residency positions. These grant funds are only for newly added accredited residency positions to support new residents through the completion of their multiyear residencies.
  • Funding would be awarded for the number of approved residency slots for 3 years of consecutive incoming first-year residents to finish the entirety of their residency training.
  • The Missouri MO GME Grant Program is subject to appropriations from General Revenue to DHSS to provide grant awards to support increased residency slots. The maximum number of residency-position awards is contingent upon the amount of appropriation available.
  • Each residency program can apply for one or more positions.
  • A sponsoring institution may request awards for multiple qualified residency positions in one or more eligible specialties, but each residency program corresponding to each of those different specialties shall submit their own application.
  • The applicant must agree to provide additional funds or in-kind resources as needed beyond the annual $75,000 MO GME Grant Program to supplement the newly created residency positions according to the requirements of ACGME accreditation.

Award Selections

Each grant application will go through a selection process (see NGO for mandatory criteria, selection criteria, and timeline). DHSS will inform each applicant selected for an award of the number of residency slots awarded.

Grant Commitment Period

The duration during which the grantee is expected to fulfill the obligations and deliverables (specified in the NGO) correlating with the signed grant agreement. This includes the Grant Agreement Period, plus the remaining years for the funded first-year residents to finish their residency, plus two additional months to submit the final report.

  • For residencies of 3 years duration (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics): 5 years and 3 months
  • For residencies of 4 years duration (Ob/Gyn, psychiatry): 6 years and 3 months

Contact Information

Address any questions or concerns and submit the grant application to the following email:

Primary Contact: Workforce Development Manager
Phone:  573-751-6441

Alternate Contact: Aleesha Jones

Office of Rural Health and Primary Care (ORHPC)
Division of Community and Public Health (DCPH)

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)
P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

All inquiries during the application process and after selections are made shall be directed to the primary point of contact noted above.