Sick workers get other workers sick.

So before you arrive with the stuffy head, make sure you don't have symptoms that should keep you in bed. Share ideas - not viruses - with your co-workers. Keep sick at home.

Is it the flu?

Here are a few quick tips to see if you might have a serious viral infection, such as influenza (the flu).

You may have the flu or another serious viral infection if...

  • In addition to the sniffles or sneezing, you are suffering from a headache, fever, chills, body aches or a severe cough.
  • It came on suddenly

What to do:

  • Stay home or go home.
  • See your doctor

It's probably allergies or a cold if…

  • Your only symptoms are sniffles, sneezes or a mild cough
  • It came on gradually

What to do:

Your call. Allergies are not contagious, but cold sufferers need to keep their hands clean and their cough covered. Stay home if you feel you might be contagious or a danger to others.

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