The Missouri Sickle Cell Anemia Program (MSCAP) provides information to the public and health professionals about sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait, and promotes and provides screening, referral, counseling and follow-up services for Missouri citizens at risk for sickle cell disease.


The MSCAP provides information to families, the general public, and health care providers about sickle cell conditions. Education programs are presented in schools, community organizations, and local health agencies around the state. Educational pamphlets and brochures are available upon request.


All infants born in the state are screened for sickle cell conditions. The screening is conducted in conjunction with other newborn screening tests. Newborn screening identifies affected infants and enables early diagnosis and treatment. The MSCAP also provides screening for children and adults (i.e. family members of infants identified with sickle cell trait or disease). Screening and testing services are available throughout the state at county and city health departments, family planning clinics and hospitals. All individuals tested and identified with sickle cell trait or other carrier conditions receive notification of their test results.


The MSCAP offers educational genetic counseling to all individuals or parents of individuals identified with sickle cell trait or other carrier conditions. The counseling sessions are non-directive and include information on inheritance.


All infants identified through the Newborn Screening Program with test results indicating sickle cell disease are followed to ensure that confirmatory testing is done and that all confirmed cases are enrolled in a system of ongoing medical care.

Hemoglobinopathy (Sickle Cell) Resource Centers

Adult and pediatric resource centers are located throughout the state to assure the availability of comprehensive medical care for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Each resource center is located in a hospital that provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.

Adult Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Program

The Adult Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Program provides assistance to Missouri residents who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Services are provided to individuals 21 years of age and over who meet the eligibility criteria of the program. If you are not financially eligible for the program, service coordination is available to help you find providers of service for your condition.

Financial Assistance for Treatment

Financial assistance for treatment is available to individuals with sickle cell disease who meet income eligibility (185% of poverty). Services covered include inpatient care, outpatient care and prescription medications. All third party payors must be utilized before reimbursement is considered.

Advisory Committee

The Sickle Cell Standing Committee is established as a sub-committee of the Missouri Genetic Advisory Committee. This committee meets at least annually to monitor, review and analyze programmatic activities. Providers, contracting agencies, and consumers are included in the membership of the committee.