Pregnancy and Beyond

Teething often starts around the same time babies begin to outgrow the immunity they received from their mothers during the prenatal period. During this time (5 to 7 months of age) babies become more vulnerable to common childhood infections. Don't assume that fever or other symptoms are a result of teething, because serious infections might be overlooked.

  • Here are some simple ways to help a teething baby:
  • Gently rub baby's gums with your finger.
  • Let her chew on a cold clean washcloth.
  • Offer her teething rings that can be refrigerated for a numbing effect.
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Tempra, Liquiprin, etc.) can be useful as a mild pain reliever. Check with your health care provider for dosages and suggestions about the use of these medications.

With a little patience and the simple helps described above, you and your baby can make it through teething time.