Pregnancy and Beyond

All babies are not exactly the same, but most babies this age are practicing the skills that lead to walking.

General Development

By your baby's first birthday, he will have tripled in weight. His body proportion is changing as his head grows more slowly and his trunk, arms and legs grow more rapidly. He may have as many as six teeth by his first birthday. He should be sleeping through the night and taking one or two naps each day. He is working on finger feeding and cup drinking.

Development of Large Muscles

Your baby is learning to get into and out of a sitting position by himself. He's crawling and creeping (maybe backwards at first), pulling up to a stand, cruising along furniture and finally taking those first independent steps.

Development of Small Muscles

Your baby will enjoy dropping things and watching them fall, poking and exploring things with his index finger and picking things up using his thumb and index finger. He will enjoy turning the stiff, cardboard pages of a child's book.

Development of Social Skills

Your baby is becoming an explorer. He will enjoy crawling or toddling off to examine new people and things as long as he can see you and return to your lap for security. He loves simple repeat games such as peek-a-boo. He also likes routines and feels secure by having events happen in a consistent manner. He needs supervision to keep him safe.

For more information on child development, you may contact Parents as Teachers by calling your local school district office or by visiting the National Parents as Teachers website. Another resource is ParentLink at 1-800-552-8522 or the ParentLink website.