For National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, choose any of these four images, or choose all of them! These are designed to be posted individually throughout the week or you can choose to post all four images in the same post as a seamless carousel.

Partnering Lead-Safe Missouri Image - 3 Key Partners
Partnering Lead-Safe Missouri Image - Providers
Certified Nurse Aid
Headmaster D&S

Sample Captions

  • National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is here! Between October 22-28, learn the facts about lead poisoning and exposure. Visit Health.Mo.Gov/lead to learn more. #NLPPW2023 #NLPPW #HealthyLivingMO #LeadFreeKids

  • Achieving a lead-safe Missouri is easier than you might think: Remember the 3 Ps!

    • Providers
    • Parents
    • Programs

    When these 3 partner together, lead stands no chance. Swipe through the images to learn how each partner creates a wall of defense against lead poisoning. #NLPPW2023 #NLPPW #HealthyLivingMO #LeadFreeKids

  • Providers test blood lead levels, parents track their child’s milestones and programs provide the necessary education to keep us lead-free! It all comes together during National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week! #NLPPW2023 #NLPPW #HealthyLivingMO #LeadFreeKids

  • A little bit of lead equals a lot of problems. This National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, figure out how you fit into the partnership of providers, parents and programs. Which one are you? Comment below! Then head to Health.Mo.Gov/lead to learn what YOU can do to get the lead out. #NLPPW2023 #NLPPW #HealthyLivingMO #LeadFreeKids