Winter Weather Alert

icePower outage
Ice and snow storm
Protect yourself from hypothermia
Generator Safety and Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Each year Missourians are affected by disasters such as tornado, flood, power outage, thunderstorm, ice and snow storm and heat wave; and with the impending risk of an earthquake in Missouri, it is more important than ever to prepare.

Get the facts about weather-related emergencies and become familiar with the emergency response plan and procedures in your community, at your child’s school or childcare facility and at your workplace. Preparing now will help protect you and your family in the future.

Additionally, the Ready in 3 Family Safety Guide (English, Spanish, Bosnian, Romanian, Russian and Braille) provides comprehensive information on three steps to prepare in advance of any emergency. Order your Family Safety Guide here.

For more information on weather-related emergencies, go to Natural Disasters and Weather Emergencies.