The Missouri Pandemic Influenza Response Plan describes the concept of operations that DHSS and coordinated agencies and organizations will employ during a pandemic response. This plan is not intended to describe the processes for stopping a pandemic, but rather to describe strategies of preparedness, response and recovery to attempt to decrease illnesses and deaths during the pandemic period to manageable levels (i.e., that do not overwhelm the critical infrastructures of the state), and to promote community resiliency and rapid recovery.  DHSS reserves the flexibility to modify the plan during the pandemic in response to the actual behavior of the disease and the effectiveness of the ongoing response.

This plan is designed primarily to guide the operational response of the state response to pandemic influenza in Missouri, though segments of information contained within the plan will prove useful to guide activities of planners at the local level and to the general public. An effective response will reduce the pandemic impact on public health by reducing illnesses and saving lives, and maintain essential services while minimizing economic loss.

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