Toolkit Items in Electronic Format

A description and picture of toolkit items can be found in the Toolkit Description listed above.

  1. WaterDisaster Preparedness Toolkit Guide cover
    Guidelines for Hauling Bulk Drinking Water for Emergency
    Guidelines for Food Establishments During a Boil Water Order
    Boil Order
    Natural Disaster Assistance for Missouri Citizens: Restoring Drinking Water
    Safe Well Water After an Earthquake
    Portable Water Treatment Units
  2. Food
    Food Handling During a Crisis Situation
    Feeding Sites and Shelters
    NOTICE: Food Service and Retail Food Establishments Regarding Food Safety During a Power Outage
    NOTICE: Food Service and Retail Food Establishment Regarding Food Safety during a Flood
    Guidelines for Food Safety in Power Outages
  3. Liquid Waste/Sewage
    Natural Disaster Assistance for Missouri Citizens: Disaster Response for On-Site Wastewater (Septic) Systems
  4. Solid Waste Disposal
    Natural Disaster Assistance for Missouri Citizens: What To Do With Disaster Debris
    Animal Production Mortalities Emergency Procedures
  5. Housing/Mass Care Shelters
    A Public Health Guide for Emergency Shelters in Missouri for Shelter Coordinators and Staff
    Food Safety at Emergency Shelters and Feeding Centers
    Precautions for Returning to Flood Damaged Homes or Buildings
    Flood Clean Up Instructions
  6. Vector Control
    Missouri Department of Agriculture Rules Regulating Pesticides
    West Nile Virus Surveillance, Prevention and Control
    Overview of Tickborne Diseases
    Methods for Trapping and Sampling Small Mammals for Virologic Testing
  7. Hazardous Materials
    Natural Disaster Assistance for Missouri Citizens: Household Chemicals and Household Hazardous Waste
  8. Medical Waste
    Regulated Medical Waste Resource Locator
    Infectious Waste Management by Small-Quantity Generators
  9. Responding to a Radiological Incident
    Frequently Asked Questions About a Radiation Emergency
    Frequently Asked Questions: Dirty Bombs
    Facts About Evacuation During a Radiation Emergency
    Sheltering in Place During a Radiation Emergency
    Radioactive Contamination and Radiation Exposure
    Population Monitoring After a Release of Radioactive Material
    Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program Emergency Responder Radioactive Material Quick Reference Sheet
    Handbook for Responding to a Radiological Dispersal Device, First Responder’s Guide—the
    First 12 Hours
  10. General Publications
    Disaster Field Manual for Environmental Health Specialists Course
    A Public Health Guide to Safe Disaster Recovery

If you have questions about resources contained in this toolkit, please contact the Center for Emergency Response and Terrorism at 573-526-4768.