Welcome to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) online Business Management Assessment (BMA) form. The information submitted on the BMA form, in conjunction with audit reports, if applicable, is used as a tool in managing the department’s funds and to comply with the department’s monitoring requirements.

Subrecipient contractors/providers are required to submit one BMA form per calendar year per federal taxpayer identification number (nine digit number), regardless of the number of contracts or agreements with DHSS or the number of business locations. For example, if a school district also has a day care center, the school district would file one form but should indicate on the form the name of the day care center as well as the school district.

DHSS program managers may use the information obtained in this assessment to determine monitoring plans for the upcoming year. Program staff will continue to individually review the programmatic components of the contracts/agreements, which may include reviewing invoices and applicable source documentation during desk audits or on-site visits.

A copy of your most recently completed audit, plus any additional attachments may be sent:

  • via the preferred method, email, to Monitoring@health.mo.gov;
  • or by fax to 573-526-6049;
  • or by regular mail to
    Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
    Division of Administration
    PO Box 570
    Jefferson City, MO 65102

If you have a federal indirect cost (IDC) rate, please email a copy of the negotiated IDC rate agreement to monitoring@health.mo.gov. For information regarding negotiated indirect cost rates, please refer to 2CFR200, Appendix III, IV, or V as applicable.

Please note there is not a Save feature for the online BMA form. Once you start entering information into the online BMA form, it must be completed. If you have to close out and come back at a later time/date you will have to start the process over again. Information needed to complete the process:

  1. your federal taxpayer ID#;
  2. access to any written policies and procedures; and,
  3. a copy of your most recently completed audit.
If you have questions regarding the completion of this form, you may contact the DHSS Division of Administration at 573-751-6104. Thank you for your time in completing the BMA form.