In-Home Services Provider Memos

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PM-17-27 Updates to the Home and Community Based Services Policy Clarification Questions
PM-17-26 Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Fee Increase
PM-17-25 Regional Meetings with Division of Senior and Disability Services
PM-17-24 Updates to the Provider and Vendor memos page
PM-17-23 Fiscal Year FY17 Reimbursement Rates
PM-16-22 Authorized Nurse Visits for General Health Evaluations
PM-16-21 Home and Community Based Services Policy Clarification Questions
PM-16-17 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Regulation
PM-16-16 Background Screenings for Employees
PM-16-13 Fiscal Year 16 (FY) Remainder Reimbursement Rates and Unit Maximums
PM-16-11 Interpreter Services Reassessments Updated Interpreter Provider Listing
       Face to Face Interpreter Services by County
       Hearing Impaired Interpreter Services by County
       LEP Consumer Report Usage Data Sheet
       Regional Contacts for Language Services Map
PM-16-09 Same-Sex Spouse as a Paid Aide or Attendant
PM-16-06 Disease Diagnosis Coding
PM-16-05 RCF and ALF Authorization Clarification Implementation
PM-16-03 Provider Staff Safety Documentation
PM-16-02 RCF and ALF Authorization Clarification Changes in Web Tool
PM-16-01 ICD-10 Codes
PM-15-09 Inappropriate Referrals
PM-15-08 Telephone Tracking System (Telephony)
PM-15-05 Announcement of the Provider Reassessment Information Internet Page
PM-15-02 Referrals for HCBS to the DSDS Call Center
PM-15-01 HCBS Call Center Fax Number Changing
PM-14-14 Initial Assessments Pursuant to Senate Bill 127 (2013) Section 208.895, RSMo
PM-14-07 The Prevalence of Bed Bugs in the Home
PM-14-05 Missouri's Community Options and Resources
PM-13-08 Staffing Hours of the Central Registry Unit
PM-13-06 HIPAA Privacy and Security Requirements
PM-12-12 HCBS Provider Train the Trainer Registration Process
PM-10-08 Outside the Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate (OHDNR)
PM-06-07 Sex Offender Registry