In-Home Services Provider Memos

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PM-16-09 Same-Sex Spouse as a Paid Aide or Attendant
PM-16-08 Implementation of ICD-10 Codes
       ICD 10 Common Diagnoses
PM-16-07 Reminder-Reassessment Training Dates and Registration Site
PM-16-06 Disease Diagnosis Coding
PM-16-05 RCF and ALF Authorization Clarification Implementation
PM-16-04 RCF and ALF Changes Delay in Implementation Date
PM-16-03 Provider Staff Safety Documentation
PM-16-02 RCF and ALF Authorization Clarification Changes in Web Tool
PM-16-01 ICD-10 Codes
PM-15-09 Inappropriate Referrals
PM-15-08 Telephone Tracking System (Telephony)
PM-15-07 2015 Provider Update Meetings
PM-15-06 Initiating Email Encryption through Proofpoint
       Encryption Instruction
PM-15-05 Announcement of the Provider Reassessment Information Internet Page
PM-15-04 Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Fee Increase
PM-15-03 Reassessment Training Dates and Registration Site
PM-15-02 Referrals for HCBS to the DSDS Call Center
PM-15-01 HCBS Call Center Fax Number Changing
PM-14-17 Service Reimbursement Rates (Correction)
PM-14-16 Service Reimbursement Rates
PM-14-15 2014 Provider Update Meetings
PM-14-14 Initial Assessments Pursuant to Senate Bill 127 (2013) Section 208.895, RSMo
PM-14-13 Initial Assessment Train the Trainer Date and Registration Site
PM-14-12 Rate Change for Reassessments
PM-14-11 DSDS Region 5 Regional Evaluation Team Phone Number Changing
PM-14-10 Reassessment Training Dates and Registration Site
PM-14-09 Provision of Reassessment Lists Accessed on SharePoint
       SharePoint Calendar for Provider Reassessments
PM-14-08 Announcement of the HCBS Web Tool Internet Page
PM-14-07 The Prevalence of Bed Bugs in the Home
PM-14-06 Home and Community Based Services Reimbursement Rates
PM-14-05 Missouri's Community Options and Resources
PM-14-04 Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Fee Increase
PM-14-03 Additional Information related to SB 127
       FAQ's Initial Assessments
PM-14-02 Follow Up to Provider/Vendor Memo 14-01
PM-14-01 Implementation of Provisions of Senate Bill 127 (2013)
PM-13-11 HCBS Provider Web Tool and Reassessment Training
PM-13-10 HCBS Web Tool Enhancements
PM-13-09 Transitioning Participants from ADHC into the ADCW or the ADW
PM-13-08 Staffing Hours of the Central Registry Unit
PM-13-07 Employee Disqualification List Administrative Review Form
PM-13-06 HIPAA Privacy and Security Requirements
PM-13-05 Registered Nurses (RN) Approved to Assist with the Reassessment Process
PM-13-04 HCBS Providers Registering for Sharepoint to Access Reassessment List
PM-13-03 HCBS Care Plan And Participant Choice Statement Form
PM-13-02 ICD-10 Provider Workshops
PM-13-01 HCBS Providers Billing for Participant Reassessments and Training Updates
PM-12-14 HCBS Providers Applying to Assist with Participant Reassessments
PM-12-13 HCBS Providers Assisting with Participant Reassessments
PM-12-12 HCBS Provider Train the Trainer Registration Process
PM-12-11 Update to HCBS Web Tool Provider Instructional Guide
PM-12-10 Web Tool System Enhancements
PM-12-09 Regional Meetings
PM-12-08 Update to Provider Instructional Guide
PM-12-07 Use of Cyber Access
PM-12-06 HCBS Web Tool Calculation Update
PM-12-05 Transition from Syncare
PM-12-04 October Provider Update Meetings
PM-12-03 Transition from SynCare
       E-Mail Encryption Instructions
PM-12-02 HCBS Web Tool Calculation and Eligibility Issues
PM-12-01 HCBS Web Tool Training PowerPoint
PM-11-19 Service Reimbursement Rates
PM-11-18 MO HealthNet CyberAccess HCBS Web Tool Instructions
       Provider Guide
PM-11-17 Action Necessary: Cyber Access & the Home and Community Based Services Web Tool
       MHD CyberAccess Provider Checklist
       POR Contact Information
PM-11-16 Transition of HCBS to SynCare
       Participant Notificaton Letter
       DA-1 Referral for HCBS
PM-11-15 Certified Manager Class - June 2011
PM-11-14 MMAC and Expiration of SFY 2011 Participation Agreements
PM-11-13 Update Meetings
PM-11-12 Family Care Safety Registry Staffing Hours
PM-11-11 Stakeholder Meeting Information Update
PM-11-10 Home and Community Based Provider Training Modules
PM-11-09 Notice of Stakeholder Meetings to be Hosted by SynCare LLC in March 2011
PM-11-08 General Health Evaluation & LOC Recommendation
PM-11-07 Revised Change Request Form
PM-11-06 Authorized Nurse Visit Reimbursement
        General Health Evaluation & LOC Recommendation
        General Health Evaluation & LOC Recommendation Instructions
PM-11-05 Filling Insulin Syringes

PM-11-04 Payments to Providers-Vendors by the State of MO OA
PM-11-03 Anti-Kickback Laws
PM-11-02 In Home Services Telephony Pilot Project
PM-11-01 Fall Update Meetings
PM-10-17 HCBS Care Plan and Care Plan Supplement Forms and Instructions
PM-10-16 Service Reimbursement Rates
PM-10-15 Criminal Disclosures by Home and Community Based Services Provider Staff/Consumer-Directed Services Personal Care Attendants word document
PM-10-14 Upgrade of Proofpoint Encryption
        Proofpoint Mail Encryption Instructions
PM-10-13 Abuse Neglect and Exploitation Staffing Hours
PM-10-12 Provider Update Meetings
PM-10-11 SFY 2011 Participation Agreement for Home and Community Based Care
       Adult Day Health Care Services
       Consumer Directed Services
       Counseling Services
       In-Home Services
PM-10-10 Notice of Lack of Available Funding
       Informational Map for BG Participants
       Letter for BG Funded Participants
       Letter for DU Funded Participants
PM-10-09 Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Fee Increase
PM-10-08 Outside the Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate (OHDNR)
PM-10-07 E-Learning - Dementia
PM-10-06 Criminal Disclosures by Home and Community Based Services Provider Staff
PM-10-05 LOC Policy and HCBS Referral-Assessment Form and Instructions
PM-10-04 Authorized Nurse Visits
PM-10-03 SSBG-GR Billing Invoice for Nurse Respite
PM-10-02 ARRA of 2009-Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program
PM-10-01 Fall Update Meetings
PM-09-18 Information Regarding Swine Flu
PM-09-16 Employment Eligibility Verification
PM-09-12 Federal Work Authorization Program
PM-09-10 Emergency Planning for Home Care Recipients
PM-09-09 Division of Senior and Disability Services' Fax Numbers
PM-09-07 Clarification of GCW Process Changes
PM-09-05 FCSR Release of Information Change
PM-09-04 Good Cause Waiver Process Changes
PM-09-02 Automated Reauthorizations for In-Home Services
PM-09-01 MO HealthNet Benefit Eligibility Codes
PM-08-17 SSBG/GR and NME Electronic Billing Forms
PM-08-16 Implementation of Proofpoint Encryption
PM-08-14 Frequently Asked Questions regarding Service Referrals
       Level of Care Policy
       Community Partner Referrals Frequently Asked Questions
 PM-08-10 Family Care Safety Registry Online Registration
PM-08-08 REMINDER--DSDS Electronic News
PM-08-06 DSDS Electronic News
PM-08-03 Automated Reauthorization of Services
PM-08-02 Authorization of Home and Community Based Services
       Home and Community Based Services Referral/Assessment Form
       Home and Community Based Services Referral/Assessment Instructions
       DA 3  Home and Community Based Services Care Plan Form
       DA 3  Home and Community Based Services Care Plan Instructions
       DA 3a Care Plan Supplement for In-Home Services Form 
       DA 3a Care Plan Supplement for In-Home Services Instructions
       DA 3c Care Plan Supplement for Consumer-Directed Services Form
       DA 3c Care Plan Supplement for Consumer-Directed Services Instructions
PM-08-01 Family Care Safety Registry Fee Increase
PM-07-11 Chore Service Options
PM-06-14 Checking the Offender Registry
PM-06-10 Non-Compete Agreements and Clients' Free Choice of Providers
PM-06-09 Procedural Changes
PM-06-08 Change Request Form
PM-06-07 Sex Offender Registry
PM-06-06 Client Choice & Anti-Kickback Laws
PM-06-05 Division & Workload Redesign
PM-05-12 Clinical Case Management Changes
PM-05-11 Communication with the Department of Health and Senior Services
PM-05-09 Monthly Report of Non-Delivery of In-Home Services
PM-05-08 Provider Certification Training
PM-05-07 Email Communication
PM-05-04 Due Date for Clinical Nurse Assessment Documentation
PM-05-02 Chore Services
PM-04-10 Clinical Nurse Assessments
PM-04-08 Provider Recertification
PM-04-01 Sale of Provider Assets