DSDS E-News Archives

6-15-13 Missouri's New Time Critical Diagnosis System
2-15-13 Central Registry Unit Systems Upgrade
4-23-12 Webinar Information on Improving Disaster Planning in HH Agencies and NH
1-6-12 Functional Needs Support Services in General Population Shelters
      Training Opportunity - January 18, 2012
      Blank Course Application
11-8-11 First Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System
10-26-11 MMAC Review of Personal Care Providers
      MMAC Review of Personal Care Providers Memorandum
9-27-11 New FCSR Worker Registration and Employer Background Screening Request Forms
9-8-11 Participation Agreements Expiring September 30, 2011
9-7-11 Additional Update to Transition of SynCare's Work to DSDS
9-7-11 Updates to Provider Contracts Forms
9-7-11 Update-Transition of SynCare's Work to DSDS
9-2-11 Transition of HCBS Assessment Services to DSDS from SynCare 9.2.11