Table of Contents

Revised March 2006

Child Abuse & Neglect
Code of Ethics for Nurses
Collaborative Practice Rule
Council For Public Health Nursing
Definition of Public Health Nursing
Description of Registered Nurse Titles
Dispensing Medications
Good Samaritan Law
Guidelines for Developing Policies & Procedures
Guidelines for Reducing Risk of Liability
History of Public Health Nursing In Missouri
Negligence and Malpractice
Nursing Practice Act and Code of State Regulations
Physician Orders
Protective Services for Adults
Recommended Policies
Reporting Incompetent, Unethical, or Illegal Practices
Role of Public Health Nurses
Scope of Practice
Standards of Nursing Practice
Student Nurse Guidelines
Tenets of Public Health Nursing

List-Servs Related to Public Health Nursing
Nursing Organizations
Ready Web References