NHA Temporary Emergency License

Application Instructions:

    1. Applicant must be 21 years of age, high school or GED completion, and of good moral character
    2. Applicant has not been denied an administrator’s license or has not had an administrator’s license suspended or revoked; and
    3. Complete application for licensure and TEL application must be received in the board office no later than ten (10) business days of the administrator position being vacated.

Temporary Emergency License Extension Application Form

Application Instructions:

    1. The holder of the TEL has been qualified by the board*;
    2. Required exam(s) taken by the holder of the TEL and the exam results have not been received by the board office (exam results are released to the board office within 15 days after the exam(s) are taken); and
    3. The TEL extension application is submitted to the board office at least 21 days prior to the expiration of the original emergency license.

* In the event that the holder of the emergency license has not been found qualified by the board, they will not qualify for an extension. Therefore, it will be necessary for the facility to hire a fully licensed administrator on or before the expiration date of the initial emergency license.