Continuing Education Sponsors

Single Offering Sponsor Application   .pdf   -    .doc

Organizations or persons who do not qualify under 19 CSR 73-2.010(12), as a Training Agency*, but who wish to sponsor education seminars shall mail the application and fee, available above, for review of a single offering a minimum of forty-five (45) days in advance of the presentation. If the application for a single offering is submitted less than forty-five (45) days in advance, there will be a separate, nonrefundable late fee of fifty dollars ($50).

Training Agency Application *   .pdf   -    .doc

* Training Agency shall mean-(A) An accredited educational institution; or (B) A statewide or national membership agency, association, professional society, or organization in the fields of health care or health care management approved by the board to provide courses of instruction and training.

If your organization is interested in becoming a board-approved Training Agency, the above application shall be submitted to the board office by fax, email or mail. If approved, the approval is granted for up to 12 months to offer programs for licensed administrators. Training Agencies do not pay a fee for review and approval of programs. Submission of program materials must be submitted in advance of the program date(s) and can be submitted via email for review and approval.

Training Agency Expiration Date List