GIS Help


Please note the GIS unit posted these documents because we thought it was useful for DHSS employees or contracting entities to use. If you are not connected to our network not all these documents will be useful to you.

All documents are .pdf

Getting Started with GIS:

For Jefferson City Campus - Requesting Access to ArcGIS and to the GIS data library

Ten Steps for Creating Your First GIS project

Getting Started in the GIS Data Library

ArcMAP Frequently Asked Questions


General Information for GIS Users:

Best practices, creating data: How to prepare your data for use in ArcView.

Map Layout guidelines: General guidelines for setting up a DHSS layout

GIS Data Library: Directory structure and definitions of the GIS server at DHSS (m:\gisdata)

Data Source Repair: How to fix a broken data source in an ArcMap project


Tips for GIS Editing and Analysis:

Editing: Basic editing in ArcMap 9.2

Dissolve: How to dissolve boundaries to create regions

Creation of Spider Diagrams: How to create a spider diagram

Shapefile to Geodatabase: How to import shapefiles into MicroSoft Access

Converting a .e00 file: Preparing a ArcINFO interchange (.e00) file for ArcView

Create Toolbox: How to create your own custom toolbox of commonly used editing and analysis tools



Geocoding online ESRI Locator

Geocoding: Using Basic StreetMap in ArcMap - Standard Locator - Composite Locator

Geocoding: Best Practices - Preparation of Address Data for Geocoding

Address Research on the Internet: Helps to narrow down more than one geocoding match


Labeling and Annotation:

Labels: Tips and Tricks Part 1

Labels: Tips and Tricks Part 2

Annotation:Converting Labels to Annotation

Using the Missouri Highway Shield Symbol: Directions for installing and using the font for the Missouri highway shield


Data Management:

Personal Geodatabase 101: How to create and get your data into a personal geodatabase

Data Format (Excel) Best Practices for using Excel in ArcMap

Data Format (Access) Best Practices for using Access in ArcMap

Joining Basics: Instructions on how to create a join between a data file and a GIS layer

Problems with Joins: Things to Try When Your Table Won't Join

Creating Summary Data: Tips for how to create summary data using ArcMap

Creating Summary Data: Tips for how to create summary data using Access


Sharing your map:

Including maps in Microsoft products: How to prepare your map for inclusion in Word, Powerpoint or Similar Software

Instructions: Using a PDF created in ArcView

Creating a portable map project: How to create a map project that can be moved to another drive location


Other Websites and Resources:

Downloading clearinghouse data: How to find and download data from the Missouri Spatial Data clearinghouse

Connecting to Services: How to connect to services running on other computers

GIS Glossary: Glossary of GIS terms

GIS Websites: Intresting and Helpful Website links

GIS Book Checkout List: A list of GIS books that are available for checkout