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Almost two out of every three adult Missourians are overweight or obese.  These conditions know no boundaries and impact both genders, all races and ethnicities, all socioeconomic groups, adults, and children. Failing to maintain a healthy weight can have serious health consequences that impact pregnancy outcomes, early childhood development, and the prevalence of acute and chronic conditions that compromise the quality and length of life. Healthful eating and regular physical activity are two critical components in achieving and maintaining good health.

Life Savers - Programs For You!

Live Like Your Life Depends On It

Live Like Your Life Depends On It
Information and resources to help Missourians live longer and healthier lives.

Donate Life

Organ & Tissue Donation
Learn how to join the Missouri organ and tissue donor registry.

Show Me Healthy Women
Early detection saves lives. Get breast and cervical cancer screenings.


Get access to health screenings and lifestyle education that can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Missouri Tobacco Quitline
Access to counseling, information and referrals for smokers who want to quit using tobacco.